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Volkswagen Golf GTI MK4 Primo Adj Damping Coilovers

Product Description


1999-2005 Volkswagen Golf & GTI (MK4) Front - 385 lbs/in 2-4 Inches
Rear - 240 lbs/in

The new Raceland adjustable damping coilover kit gives Volkswagen owners another range of adjustability and control over their suspension, to further enhance the driving experience and vehicle feedback. Over 18 months of testing has gone into the development of the Raceland adjustable damping shocks and components to ensure a wide range of adjustment, performance, and longevity.

This Raceland 15-way controllable shock allows you to fine tune the softness or stiffness of the shock to your preferences or current driving condition. Adjustments are made easily with the included, external adjustment knobs that are located at the top of each shock so changes can be made easily without removal of any vehicle components or need of special tools. For those familiar with this Volkswagen platform, you may know that the rear shock towers are covered by the body of the vehicle, making access to the rear shocks difficult for adjustments. The rear shocks have been designed to give access to the adjusting knob without removing the shock from the vehicle. This coilover kit is one of the first to offer Raceland's new larger shock threading for quicker, easier adjustments to height and spring pre-load.

All the same features from the Raceland Ultimo coilovers are carried over, including shock bodies and springs are powder coated to offer another layer of corrosion resistance and the CNC-machined, hard anodized parts allow for height adjustments 2-4 inches below the factory ride height.

As with all Raceland products, the adjustable damping coilover kits come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase or are unsatisfied with the drivability or performance of the coilover kit, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund. This applies to both if the product is new or if the item has been used. The adjustable damping coilover kit is also covered by our exclusive limited lifetime warranty that covers against any manufacturing defect or shock valving issue.

***Please Note: When lowering your car, it is very important to run correct wheel fitment to prevent any rubbing of the wheels/tires on other components. Depending on your wheel offset, tire size etc, you may need to use wheel spacers and/or roll the fenders of the vehicle. When installing this coilover kit, it requires the use of new/unused front stretch bolts (part numbers below). Failure to replace these bolts may result in damage to other suspension and drive components and voids the warranty. Please contact your local VW dealership for more information.***

Part Numbers:
-N10207804 (2 are required)
-N10106402 (2 are required)

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  • Volkswagen Golf GTI MK4 Primo Adj Damping Coilovers

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    Upper Strut Mounts

    Factory replacement front and rear upper strut mounts to be installed with your Raceland coilovers to ensure proper function and performance from your suspension. Upper strut mounts are wear items and we always recommend replacing when installing new suspension.

    Wheel Spacers (sold in pairs)

    Easiest way, and often necessary, to provide proper clearance when installing coilovers or aggressive wheels while also improving wheel fitment aesthetics.

    Extended Lug Bolts (Qty: 10)

    When wheel spacers are added to your vehicle the factory lug bolts become too short to hold the wheel to the hub. 37mm bolts to be used with 10mm spacers, 43mm bolts to be used with 15mm spacers.

    Swaybar Endlinks

    Adjustable links allow for fine tuning of sway bar position to avoid contact with axles on lowered vehicles.

    Installation Tools

    The listed vehicle features a front pinch mount hub which ‘clamps’ the struts in place. Even when the strut bolts are removed the strut remains tightly held in place. This tool allows the hub to be spread to easily remove the front struts.

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