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Wrap It Up | Austin Vikdal's Bagged MK5 GTI

published at Feb 23, 2017

"What made me get into cars was riding in my cousins '69 Camaro. Feeling that power push you in the seat, the loud exhaust waking up neighbors and people breaking necks and the conversation."

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Springs 101 – How are spring rates measured?

published at Feb 17, 2017

Ever wonder why you see some companies listing their spring rates in kilograms (kg) and some in pounds (lb)? Well the short of it is that most companies headquartered in the United States will still use the Imperial system of measurement (pounds, lb), while those headquartered throughout Europe and Asia will use the Metric system of measurement (kilograms, kg).

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Beautifully Bagged | Jacob Gillespie's MK4 Golf

published at Feb 10, 2017

"I have always been a fan on the MK4 body Volkswagen. They have great body lines and are the perfect stance candidate. I prefer the hatch because I like 2 doors instead of 4 and the Jetta doesn't come in a coupe. When coming upon the purchase of my MK4 Golf, it had to be manual, and had to have the 12v VR6. They're stout and last forever as well as sound amazing."

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What is the difference between standard, Ultimo, and Primo?

published at Jan 31, 2017

Have you been wondering what the difference is between our coilover options? How do you decide which is right for you: standard, Ultimo or Primo? Let’s go over each and the difference between them to help you decide what is best for you and your vehicle. First, we should make one point: all of our coilovers are built for the street. We don’t have a version that is going to be a ... More

Mazda 6 Coilover Release

published at Jan 25, 2017

Introducing our newest addition to our coilover lineup! Our Mazda6/Speed6 coilovers have been fit and road tested here in Utah and are now currently available for only $299USD as an introductory offer!

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How Do Coilovers Ride

published at Jan 17, 2017

Every brand will have different characteristics when it comes to ride quality or performance. Some manufacturers, ourselves included, will actually offer multiple options for each vehicle to cater to different vehicle owner preferences so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before dropping the cash on your next suspension setup.

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Adjustable Damping Coilovers For '79-04 Mustang Now Available!

published at Jan 11, 2017

For those demanding more adjustment from their suspension, we introduce our new Primo adjustable damping coilovers for the '79-04 Mustang models.

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Do I Need a Camber Kit?

published at Jan 5, 2017

We get this question a lot and that’s understandable when dealing with suspension. So, do you need a camber kit when installing our coilovers? Maybe. Like with many things pertaining to modifying a vehicle, there is a lot that goes into it so it makes it quite difficult for a cut and dry answer of yes or no. Let’s start with the basics.

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How To Measure For Wheel Spacers

published at Dec 27, 2016

Wheel spacers are installed between your vehicle’s hub and wheel to push the wheel away from suspension components to prevent rubbing. They are also used to provide a wider track for the vehicle which can help performance and make the aesthetics of the vehicle more aggressive. 

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Longer | Faster | Safer

published at Dec 21, 2016

For those who may have missed it, we have made some important changes this past year that greatly benefits all existing and future Raceland customers. We think it’s pretty important news and figured you’d like to know the details…

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