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Volkswagen 4x100 to Porsche 5x130 Wheel Adapters

Product Description


Volkswagen vehicles with a 4x100mm lug pattern

The Volkswagen 4x100 to Porsche 5x130 Wheel Adapters were designed to allow Volkswagen owners with more wheel options as they customize their vehicle.

These wheel adapters allow Volkswagen vehicles with a 4x100 lug pattern to bolt on the much desired Porsche wheels with a 5x130 lug pattern. This increases the wheel options for Volkswagen owners as you now have the choice to also run Porsche OEM or Porsche aftermarket wheels. The addition of the wheel adapters also widens the stance of your Volkswagen which can increase handling performance and also gives the aesthetic look many owners are looking for.

The Raceland VW 4x100 to Porsche 5x130 Wheel Adapters are made from high-quality hardened aluminum and have been anodized for appearance and corrosion resistance. Each spacer is 20mm to compensate for the differing offset of the Porsche fitment wheels and are hub centric to ensure proper wheel seating. Included with each adapter kit is hardware to bolt the spacer to your existing Volkswagen hub and features Porsche thread pitched holes for use of Porsche lug bolts.

As with all Raceland products, these spacers come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

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