Beautifully Built Notchback | Tom’s ’89 Mustang

“The plan was to build a nice driver, not something over-the-top like the Pace Car. Something that anyone could build with the current aftermarket support offered today in the marketplace. Something I can jump in and drive anywhere.

The name of the build “reCoupe”, refers to this coupe changing hands a few times and never been finished. So reCoupe means a new life for the car as it came back as something better than before.

We put this car together including paint and body in a matter of 3 months, though I had been collecting parts and pieces for about 9 months for the build. Next phase of the project will include cleaning up the engine bay, doing a set of AFR 165 heads and adding the trick vintage BXR intake.”

Below is a brief overview of the build plans for the project.

Interior – The key here is the modernize the interior slightly and use a color palette that the factory never utilized. I think the brown and black contrasts nicely with the white.

  • Custom two tone black & brown interior with custom TMI upholstery
  • TMI Pro Viper Jr bucket seats & matching rear seat upholstery
  • Isotta Steering Wheel
  • Short throw with Twist Machine shifter
  • Full FatMat interior with plenty of extra insulation

Exterior – Just a clean simple exterior. Not much has to be changed to make a good looking coupe.

  • LX grill delete
  • Saleen/Cervinis front lower air dam
  • Mustang bumper letters filled
  • Clear lights, smoked tails
  • Color match moldings
  • Tinted windows


  • Bolt on 5.0 with F cam and Holley intake
  • BXR intake to come
  • Shorty headers & full exhaust


  • Stifflers FIT System
  • Stifflers transmission cross member

Suspension /Brakes – Car needs to be low, but I’m not planning on air ride with this project. Instead I plan on using Raceland coilovers will be used to get it on the ground.

  • Raceland Primo coilovers with camber plates
  • 94-95 SN95 spindles & 5 lug conversion
  • Cobra brakes front and rear
  • Full upgraded supsension bushings, custom upper and lower control arms
  • UPR spherical bushings and shock extenders


  • 5 lug – 18×8.5 front & 19X9.5 rear
  • Work VS-XX replicas

Tom @sinisbuilt
Photo Credit: Harris Lue @luecreative

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