Ford Focus ST/RS Ultimo Coilovers Now Available!

For you Focus ST and RS owners looking to increase the adjustability of your suspension, we’re excited to announce that we now offer our Ultimo coilover option for the 2013-2018 ST and 2016+ RS models. The Ultimos are great for those looking for a more aggressive drop height and a sportier ride quality from the increased spring and shock rates over our Classic option.


Yes, this coilover kit will have height and front camber adjustment to ensure you are able to get the vehicle set up to your exact preferences. Height adjustments can be made between 2 to 4 inches lower than factory height and the front camber plates ensure you’re able to get your vehicle into your desired alignment specifications.


As with all Raceland coilovers, we have designed our Focus coilover kits to be used on daily driven vehicles. The coilover kit will give you a comfortable ride quality that is easy to live with day to day but at the same time offering a sporty increase to stiffness to improve handling and the ability to lower your vehicle’s ride height.


We cover all of our coilover kits under a lifetime warranty that will not only protect you against manufacturing defects, but we also cover wear items under the warranty. This means if you are the original purchaser and ever have an issue with your coilover system through normal use, we’ve got your back.

We understand that you can’t be without your vehicle while you send in your parts to be warrantied and for that reason, to make it more convenient for you, we will send replacements to you first before the claimed parts are required to be returned for testing.

Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call, 801-365-1440, or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help!

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