How To Drive a Lowered Car

While having a car that is perfectly stanced is awesome, it does have its pros and cons. Many of the cons have to do with actually driving a lowered car. In this post we’ll go over some tips and techniques to help keep your lowered beauty, blemish free.

This customer is perfectly happy with the coilovers but driving around town has proven difficult enough to not make it enjoyable for her. It definitely takes more thought and time to get around town.

Low & Slow

There is good reason for keeping speeds low when driving a lowered car. When the car hits a speed bump or pothole at a higher speed, the suspension compresses more than at lower speeds. The reason this is the case is as you go over, say a speed bump, at a slower speed verses a higher speed, you are giving the suspension more time to react and as a result, it will travel less.

The other reason to slow speeds down is that it gives you, the driver, more time to respond. If small adjustments in steering need to be made or you need to stop the car all together to avoid damage, it is much easier to react appropriately when you give yourself more time. One way to illustrate this point is with rock crawling. You rarely ever see drivers just hitting the gas without regard to what they are climbing up. The risks are also a bit more severe.

Approach Angle

The way you approach larger bumps and inclines also is very important in keeping those lips unscathed. When approaching an incline straight on, it causes the car to have to climb a steeper angle than if you approach the incline at an angle.

Once you are able to get two of the wheels on the incline, you can then straighten the car out and proceed over the incline.

Weekend Car

While being able to drive your prized car on a daily basis is ideal, you increase the chances of getting in a situation where you may not have enough time or space to react in a way that would keep you car from getting damaged.

Consider not making your prized stanced beauty your daily. Your daily driver is a tool and it has to get you to where you need to be. A stanced car can be enjoyable to drive when you take the time to plan out where you’re going, not pressed for time.

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