Warranty Question: What do I do when I get a replacement shock?

For those who are not aware, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products. Not only does this cover manufacturing defects but we also cover wear items too. Since a shock is a wear item and will be completely normal for it to wear out over time, it is possible that at some point it’ll need replacing. If you’re covered by our warranty give us a call and we can get you details to get a claim started for a replacement part(s), 801-365-1440.

In this scenario, we have assumed that you have claimed a shock under the warranty and have gotten a replacement shock. You may be wondering, what now? Well we’d like to walk you through the process to make the switch as painless as possible.

Step 1

You will obviously need to remove the shock from the vehicle. Once the shock is off the vehicle lay it down next to the new shock and compare the two side by side to confirm that they appear the same. Check brackets, threading, or size of the shocks to be sure it appears correct. If there is any question or doubt, give us a call: 801-365-1440.

Step 2

You will need to transfer your components from the old shock to the new one. Start by removing the nut that holds the top mount to the shocks. In some cases, this may be a factory mount and in others this could be the supplied Raceland mount.

Step 3

With the top mount removed, remove the spring and any dust covers/bump stops that would be on the shock piston.

Step 4

Measure the exposed threads below the adjustment collars to know where to set the collars on the new shock. Thread the collars off the top of the shock.

Step 5

Thread the old collars onto the new shock. Get them set to the same measurement taken from the old shock and lock them into place.

Step 6

Slide the dustcover/bump stop onto the shock piston and then set the spring onto the spring seat.

Step 7

Place the top mount back onto the shock and then reinstall the top nut securely.

Step 8 (full threaded kits only)

If you have a fully threaded kit it will also be necessary in many cases to remove your lower mount from the shock body for use on the new shock. This lower mount will thread off the bottom of the shock once loosened. Keep in mind you’ll want to take measurements beforehand to ensure you install this to the proper position.

Step 9

Reinstall the coilover onto the vehicle.

For some vehicles with a divorced rear spring (spring and shock won’t be mounted together), you can simply remove the old shock and install the new one as the spring nor components will be mounted with it. If you have questions during the process then please give us a call, 801-365-1440.

16 thoughts on “Warranty Question: What do I do when I get a replacement shock?

  1. Emilio Campos says:

    Hello, I have a set of raceland coilovers on my 97 ford mustang GT. I’m in need of a replacement for the front left. The shock cylinder is bent and is leaking fluid. I have the 3-4 inch drop style. Please get back to me asap on how I can get a new one. Thank you.

    • Cody Graham says:

      Give us a call when you have a moment with the part/batch number on the damper you need replaced and we’ll get you taken care of. Our number is 801.365.1440.

  2. Dan Thielke says:

    I bought my 1990 miata ultimos off someone else, and all the struts are fairly worn and need replacing. Is it possible for me to buy a new set since I didn’t buy them directly from you?

    • Cody Graham says:

      Yeah.If we have the replacement dampers available, we’d be happy to offer them to you. Give us a call when you have a moment. Our number is 801.365.1440.

  3. Rudy Santos says:

    Hi! I bought street coilovers for my GTI, and the front struts gone bad, i need to know how to apply for the replacement. Thanks!!

    • Cody Graham says:

      Give us call with your order info and the part/batch number on the part you need replaced and we’ll get a replacement out to you as soon as possible. Our number to call is 801.365.1440.

  4. Ayden Kandes says:

    When installing the bolt onto the strut while the spring was conpressed, the bolt stripped the strut. How can I purchase a new strut?

    • Cody Graham says:

      Give us a call when you have a moment and we’ll get you taken care of. Our number to call is 801.365.1440.

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