Wrap It Up | Austin Vikdal’s Bagged MK5 GTI

“What made me get into cars was riding in my cousins ’69 Camaro. Feeling that power push you in the seat, the loud exhaust waking up neighbors and people breaking necks and the conversation.”

“I turned towards tuners rather than muscle cars because I find it very impressive to make the same, and sometimes more power in a 4 cylinder than a V8. I ended up going with the Euro route because there’s just something about an Audi or VW. Every car has its weak points and I feel like no matter what the weak point is on a VW, it’s worth it.”

“I went with a 2006 VW GTI 2.0t with the DSG transmission. I’ve done a lot to the car. A few of the things are the 2.25″ custom wide-body flare in the rear to match the factory aggressive front fenders, it’s on a Borg Warner KO4 turbo with RS4 injectors on E85 and of course the Raceland air suspension. I’ve also had a B6 Audi A4 that was slammed on its face when I was in high school.”

“All of my previous cars before that were all low as well. It truly is a lifestyle. My future plans for the car are to get the whole interior done in diamond stitch leather. The exterior is just about done and where I want it to be.”

“It’s wrapped in liquid metal purple for right now, but I do wrap it about 6 times a year as I am the owner of Sterlings Customs.”

-Austin Vikdal

For more information on our Volkswagen MK5 GTI air bag system, click here.

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