Clean & Foxy | Bryan Bayer’s ’88 Mustang GT

“I’ve grown up around cars my whole life. I helped my dad with his ’70 Mach 1 when I was just ten years old. My first car was a 1995 Mustang GT. I owned it for around 6 years, but my dream car was always a fox body.

In 2009 I had a chance to purchase a very clean one so I sold the ’95 and purchased my ’88 GT. I did some small changes here and there but over the past year and a half the car has gone through a complete transformation.

It is now sporting a 302ci small block Ford with a 70mm Turbo from On3 Performance. The car is capable of upwards of 500hp-600trq. The car has under gone some major changes like smoothing the engine bay, tucking all the wiring out of site and of course a major suspension transformation.

The car is now sitting on Raceland Coilovers front and rear. Detail is a major part of my build so every nut and bolt was stripped, cleaned and zinc plated for corrosion resistance. I built every inch of the car with my bare hands and let me tell you it’s an awesome feeling when you can see your hard work pay off. I would like to say thanks to Raceland and to all the other companies that made this possible.“

– Bryan Bayer

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