A Labor of Love | Ben Hurst’s Civic Si

“When I first got my car it was bone stock, which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to have a car that I could build exactly the way I wanted and not build it off of someone else’s idea. I first started with some springs and an intake and continued from there.”

“Next, I added a strut bar in the front and a Corksport C-pillar brace. Once I got my suspension figured out I then moved on to some engine mods. I now have a Hybrid racing cold air Intake, Strup race header, full race 3″ exhaust and some thermal gaskets to keep the engine temps down.”

“I got a HONDATA Flashpro and got the car tuned by VitViper and I love how it drives now! Once I got my engine to a place where I liked it, I started to move to some exterior things. I did the FD2 Type-R rear end conversion and loved it. I have always loved carbon fiber and I wanted as much on the car as I could get. So I slowly started to order carbon parts. I now have most of the things in my engine bay that are carbon fiber along with my hood, fenders, trunk and wing.”

“Interior wise I wanted to keep it comfy but also make it look good and usable since it is my daily driver. I have an NRG steering wheel and NRG harness bar to stiffen up the car a little bit. I have the Hybrid Racing short throw shifter too and I love it. I also upgraded my radio to a Kenwood double din.”

“For my wheel setup, I have some MIRO 18×9.5″ rims on 225/35 tires. It gives the tire a good stretch but it also allows me to push the car hard in turns and not have to worry about it de-beading. The car has come a long way and I couldn’t be more in love with how the build is coming along. I have done so much to the car but there is always more that can be done.”

-Ben Hurst
Honda Civic Si

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