Why are Raceland coilovers so inexpensive?

We have no doubt that this has probably crossed your mind when finding or looking into Raceland coilovers: how can Raceland coilovers be so inexpensive? It’s a good question and something any informed future coilover purchaser would inevitably ask themselves if they’ve stumbled onto our website. We do have some more details on this question on our Raceland Difference page which we’d suggest you read first and can be found here. We figured we’d touch on how this benefits you, the customer.

No dealers, factory direct.

So the short answer to the question is this: we don’t sell through dealers. How does that possibly benefit you? When you buy a coilover kit through a dealer, or any product for that matter, rather than a manufacturer you are basically paying for two companies to make a profit. The manufacturer marks it up when selling to the dealer so they can make money off the product and then the dealer marks it up a second time so that they too can make some money off it. You the customer are paying for the middle man. We decided we could make the product much more affordable if we cut out that middle man and second price markup and just offer to you direct. This saves you money. If we didn’t do it this way you could expect our coilovers to be several hundred dollars more expensive.

Better Supported.

Another aspect of removing dealers from the equation would be service and technical support. We have noticed in our own vehicle builds that often times because a dealer is stocking and supporting so many different products that they often times are not experts at any one item but rather have a very basic knowledge, if any knowledge at all, of many items. By doing it the way that we do, we ensure that when there are questions or when technical assistance is needed customers go directly through us, the people that know the product best. This alleviates any headache when a dealer may give incorrect information or possibly try to sell you on other parts not needed.

Get It Faster.

The other often overlooked benefit can be seen when it comes to how fast you’re able to get the product or replacement parts. We are very particular when it comes to shipping and doing our best at having everything available and in stock. We understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait weeks to get a product you’re anxious to get on the vehicle. Dealers often don’t stock the product on a consistent basis so there can be a delay in getting the item to you. But again, removing the middle man you’re able to order directly from the one that will be shipping that product the same day and avoid any unnecessary delays.

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