Does Raceland offer sponsorships?

This is a question that we get daily and figured it may be easiest to explain the details in a blog post to answer any questions you may have regarding sponsorships. The short of it is that Raceland doesn’t have a structured, active sponsorship program available. While we don’t have a structured program, that doesn’t mean we don’t make exceptions from time to time. If you’re hoping to get sponsored and be one of those exceptions, let us give you some tips.

The game has changed; it’s all about social media.

Gone are the days of the massive import/tuner shows like Hot Import Nights and NOPI. While these shows and other big shows still exist, they no long draw the crowds they used to. In those days sponsored vehicles would slap a big windshield banner across the front and promise to be at a few of those shows and they’d be set. Nowadays with smaller, more niche meet-ups and shows, this same form of sponsorship is no long effective. Today it’s all about what’s online, specifically social media. Vehicle owners with unique and functional builds can now draw eyes on that vehicle from all around the world by posting a few photos or videos on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. There are thousands of people with accounts and feeds dedicated to their builds or their built vehicles. This is very beneficial for a company or manufacturer as their product can get in front of a larger audience than a regional auto show. So, this would be the first tip: have a social media presence. This doesn’t mean you need a million followers but you’ll want to have accounts where you’re posting regularly about your vehicle and those posts are of decent quality.

Have a unique build.

This one should go without saying but unfortunately it has to be said. What is your build like? Is it a DIY-er or a full-blown show stopper build? We like them both; but what the build is needs to be clear. Unfortunately, companies do not give sponsorships to stock vehicles where the sponsored product is the first modification and the owner is trying to get sponsorship due to lack of funds for the build. Again, your vehicle doesn’t need to be anything earth shattering but does need a clear, defined purpose/build.

A professional proposal goes a long way.

While this isn’t necessarily required, sending us a professional-looking proposal goes a long way. This will make it much easier for us to get all the details on the vehicle and build in one place without having to make assumptions or go to several different places to see the vehicle. This is a place where photos can be shared as well as plans, social media handles, upcoming modifications, other sponsors, etc. You can see an example of a recent proposal below. While you don’t need one this well done, something goes a long way.

What’s offered in return?

Keep in mind that the premise of a sponsorship is that we do something for you (in the form of a discount or product) and you do something for us. Typically, the “you do something for us” is coverage in your social media, sharing your experience with the company and product, forum threads, etc. Be ready to do some work if we do sponsor you, a sticker on your back window won’t cut it.

So, there you have it, our stance on sponsorships. If you think your vehicle is a good candidate, please send over the details to [email protected]. We’re happy to review and respond to every request that comes in but the above tips will better help your chances. Let us know!

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  1. Denny Granados says:

    Sponsor ship? I have a wide body kit genesis coupe with bags with a turbo kit not stock turbo but a 40 pound turbo by precision turbo

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