Featured Fozzy | Marcos Martinez’s ’03 Forester

“I purchased this car in Dec 2015. I previously had a WRX that I put a ton of money into and it kept giving issues (welcome to the Subie game). I ended up selling it and bought a Jeep Cherokee. I then moved out of my parents house and was planning on getting married so the Jeep had to go in order to save up for the wedding expenses. Still loving Subarus I knew I had to get into another Subie.”

“I’ve always liked the look of the Foresters and seeing what crazy stuff people do to them. Especially Going from your grandmas daily to slammed and stanced. My Fozzy is not the XT but with the budget I had at the time I figured It could be the start of a cool project..and it was a manual too so I had to have it.”

“It was just a few months back when I truly started messing with it. I didn’t like the two tone silver/champagne color it was so I decided to wrap it. I decided to go with Matte Frozen Gray from Arlon Films. I had never wrapped anything before so a few buddies and I decided to take it apart and just go for it. Any piece that could be removed was removed, (bumpers, door handles, mirrors, window trim, etc..) some minor body work had to be done so it would show through the wrap.”

“…Eventually we’ll see if I end up doing a engine swap and get some descent power out of it. But for now, with almost 200k miles it’s drives amazing!!”

-Marcos Martinez

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