A Little Island Flare | Mike Labelle’s Built MK1 Cabby


This amazing MK1 Cabby comes to us from Mike Labelle and Edition 808 car club out of O’ahu Hawaii.

Engine: 1.8L 16v with a T3/T4 .60 trim turbo on SDS standalone.
Body: NPS Plastics Berg Cup flares and ’83 GTI front valance with an upside down MK3 VR6 bottom lip.
Wheels & Tires: 15×9 ET 8 DubFelgenwerks wheels with 195/45/15 tires.
Suspension: Raceland Classic Coilovers adjusted just 10 threads from the bottom.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Tabarejo

“…Shout out to James White, Kama, Dan, and everyone from E808 who have helped out here and there!”   – Mike Labelle

For more information on our MK1 Cabby coilovers, click here.

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