Subaru GD ’02-07 Air Bags Now Available!

Introducing our newest addition to our air bag lineup! Our Subaru ’02-07 GD air bags have been developed, fit and road tested here in Utah and are now currently available for only $799USD as an introductory offer!

Are They Adjustable?

This air bag kit offers +1 to 4 inches of adjustment compared to the stock ride height. With the included spanner wrench, you can adjust the lower spindle mounts to raise or lower the ride height with the added adjustability of the air bags. This kit also comes with front and rear adjustable camber plates.

How Do They Ride?

We aim for comfort but when lowering the car, you will need higher rates to prevent from rubbing on other components etc. so the ride will be stiffer than stock but still comfortable for a daily driver.

What Else Is Needed?

We don’t offer a management setup so you’ll need:
• Air Line Fittings
• Air Lines
• Air Tank
• Compressor
• Management (ECU, Manifold & Wiring)

What Does The Lifetime Warranty Cover?

We cover our kits against any manufacturing defect and now we also cover shock wear so even if you blow a shock by fault of your own, as long as you are the original purchaser, we will send you a replacement. The warranty also covers wear to the actual bags.

We understand that you can’t be down the car while you send in your parts to be warrantied and for that reason, to make it much more convenient for you, we will send replacements to you first then require that the claimed parts be returned for testing.

Any other questions, give us a call or you can shoot an e-mail to [email protected].

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