What Are Coilovers?

The term “coilover” comes from the term “coil over spring” and is a type of suspension that allows you to adjust different aspects of your car’s ride height, camber, damping etc. Coilovers are used to lower your car’s center of gravity for reduced weight transfer when going into turns as well as to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle to give it a more aggressive look. Visit How To Adjust Your Coilovers for more information on how to take advantage of all of the features that our coilovers offer.

What Are Coilovers

When you go over a bump, the coil spring absorbs the energy of the bump like the rubber soles of your shoes would when you step on a lego. Now, imagine if you didn’t have that shoe on and you’ve now suffered one of life’s greatest pains!

The spring starts to bounce after absorbing a bump. Once the spring is in motion, it is the damper’s function to stop it from moving so that you don’t bounce off of the road. It stops the spring from bouncing with use of rebound force and compression force. As the spring bounces, the shock resists the motion of the spring in both directions of the oscillation. It is the action of these two key parts, the coil spring and the damper, that give you a smooth ride over the harshest of pot hole laden roads.

Spring Without Damper VS Spring With Damper

If you have any questions regarding how coilovers work, feel free to give us a call or e-mail us. Check out our full line of coilover setups by clicking here.

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