Beautifully Bagged | Jacob Gillespie’s MK4 Golf

“I have always been a fan on the MK4 body Volkswagen. They have great body lines and are the perfect stance candidate. I prefer the hatch because I like 2 doors instead of 4 and the Jetta doesn’t come in a coupe. When coming upon the purchase of my MK4 Golf, it had to be manual, and had to have the 12v VR6. They’re stout and last forever as well as sound amazing.”

“A lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the car to get it to where it stands now. The build is still continuing. Right now the current work done includes:”

  • 3SDM 0.06 18×9.5 wheels
  • -9° camber in the rear with IDF drop plates and camber shims
  • Long tube headers straight piped to a Borla proxs muffler
  • 1″ motor mount spacers to keep my oil pan off the ground
  • Dual frame notches and modified control arms with sway bar delete to almost put the subframe on the ground.
  • Custom made side skirt extensions on OEM side skirts and front splitter.

-Jacob Gillespie

For more information on our Volkswagen MK4 Golf air bag system, click here.

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