What is the difference between Classic, Ultimo, and Primo?

Have you been wondering what the difference is between our coilover options? How do you decide which is right for you: Classic, Ultimo or Primo? Let’s go over each and the difference between them to help you decide what is best for you and your vehicle. First, we should make one point: all of our coilovers are built for the street. We don’t have a version that is going to be a “track” version so all of our options are designed and tested for vehicles that are used on a daily basis. So, while there will be differences in stiffness between them, all will be purposed for the street. Okay, with that out of the way let’s get into it…


These will be our entry-level option. We have designed these to be as close to a factory ride quality as we can while still giving vehicle owners the ability to achieve a modest drop. They will still retain the same structural integrity and build quality of the other options. Of our coilover options available, these will have the softest, most forgiving spring and shock rates and will be the choice for those looking for a mild drop and who want an OEM-like ride quality.


Our Ultimo kit will be our middle-tiered option and will include both improvements and changes over the Classic kit. The Ultimo kit will have shortened shock and spring dimensions over the Classic kit to achieve a more substantial ride height drop and often can go as low as 4 inches lower the factory ride height. To handle the lower ride heights, the spring and shock rates will be increased and strengthened 15% over our Classic kit. The Ultimo kit is a great option for those looking to really slam their vehicle or who want a stiffer spring and shock to improve performance more than our Classic kit. It is important to note that due to the shortened spring and shocks you won’t be able to achieve as much raised height as you can with the Classic kit. A small price to pay for that perfect stance!


The Primo kit will be our top-level and most optioned coilover kit we currently offer. You will get all the features of the Ultimo kit with some big improvements. The Primo kit shocks will have adjustable damping and allow you to change the softness or stiffness of the damper by the twist of an adjustment knob. These adjustment knobs are located at the top of the shock and will not require removing any components to fine tune the damper feel. The Primo kit will also have increased threading size for the adjustment collars. While this might seem like a small improvement, it actually is huge when it comes to adjusting ride height. The larger threading takes a fraction of the time to make adjustment and will be less prone to collar seizing when the threads have not been treated. This means less time spent adjusting height and more time driving. These are a great option for those who really want to fine tune their height and ride quality with the max performance offered.

Air Bags

Wait, what about air bags? Well we were just talking differences between our coilover options, but it is important to note that we do offer air bag options for some vehicles. These will offer adjustable camber plates and upper mounts, adjustable lower spindle mounts, and ride height controlled air springs. When you really need to be able to change the ride height on the fly, there is no better option. If you want to be able to slam the vehicle to the ground when parked, there is no other option.

How Do I Choose?

This will really come down to vehicle owner preference and what the vehicles intended use will be. If you’re really concerned about your awful local roads and really don’t want to slam the vehicle to the ground, the Classic may be a good choice. If you’re wanting more of a drop or want more tunability than our Ultimo or Primo kit may be a better bet.

Still having trouble deciding? Give us a shout and we’d be happy to discuss and help you make the best decision possible, 801-365-1440. Keep in mind that we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your selection, let us know and we can arrange for it to be exchanged for another option within 30 days.

7 thoughts on “What is the difference between Classic, Ultimo, and Primo?

  1. Idrees says:

    Hi there, I am based in South Africa. I want to purchase a set of ultimos for my 79 model golf 1 two door. What would be the process?

  2. Adam says:

    I want to lift my car and create more room for larger tires. The car is a 99 neon that I’m setting up for some rally, rallycross, and daily driving.

  3. Jeremy Gonzalez says:

    Can y’all make a set of Primo’s for a 5th Gen Honda Prelude? I’d really like to use y’all’s product due to the adjustable damping and the color scheme of my car is white and blue so I think a set of Primo’s would be a perfect application for my car.

    • Kereem Justice says:

      Aloha, I live in Kauai; just purchased a 2003 BMW 325ci. The coils and shocks are completely done. I would like to go with primo but my roads are horrible in some areas. I need that aggressive look with comfortable ride… Any recommendations?

      • Cody Graham says:

        We don’t offer our Primos for that model but our Classics will be the most forgiving and offer a 1-3 inch drop. Our Ultimos offer a 2-4 inch drop and will ride a little stiffer. Feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions!

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